People Like Us Can't: From bricklayer to nurse to doctor in post-war Scotland

By drjamesgraham, Jul 3 2015 08:03PM

Welcome to my blog. I look forward to receiving your comments on my book and any related topic. If there is anything you disagree with I would love to get your opinion.

Sep 14 2015 05:39AM by Rosemary Donnelly

I as a young girl I loved to hear ur Dad Preach on the street in the Wheatlands scheme Being raised Catholic this was foreign to me.I used to peek out of the close to listen to him ,I now live in U S A was home for ten years and had the honor of bringing meals on wheels to your Dad and Mom ur Mom had a wee budgie she used to talk to it I just loved being in her company just for that short time I came out refreshed . I am now a born again Christian and know what ur Dad was all about.I hear his voice often and know Jesus as my savior I am a sinner Saved by Grace.

Sep 15 2015 05:02PM by drjamesgraham

To Rosemary
Thank you for your kind word about my parents Rosemary. It is so refreshing to hear from someone who met my mother. She was a gem, a true Christian. As you say she talked to that wee budgie and was convinced it spoke to her but no one else ever heard it speak. So glad to hear you found Jesus as your Saviour.
God bless

Dec 13 2015 11:36PM by Elizabeth Lindsay Young

I have enjoyed reading your page which I found when I was looking up some memories of Philipshill Hopsital. I spent 10 weeks in Philipshill in 1976 when I was 7 (over Christmas ) after breaking my femur leg bone in an accident in the playground. I have lots of (mainly happy) memories of the hospital and one particular nurse - Nurse Periwinkle (what a lovely name I often wonder if that really was her name or was it just my imagination !). I remember my pet dog being allowed to come up to the French doors of the ward to visit me - how wonderful ! and also going to a Brownie there too. Your cinefilm of Christmas there is amazing and probably wasn't too different to when I was there about 12 years later. You sound like you have had a very interesting life �� I'm not sure if you will get this message - I hope you do. Kind regards. Lindsay Young (nee Boyle)

Dec 16 2015 10:59AM by Dr James Graham

To Elizabeth Lindsay Young
Thank you for your kind comments Lindsay. I do hope your femur healed well with no long term effects. I'm glad you found the ward to be happy despite the circumstances. I am not aware of a Nurse Periwinkle. I'm sure it's not your imagination. More likely she had that nickname because it suited her personality.

Were you in ward 6? Was Sister Smart still in charge then? She is the nurse in the piece of my film in ward 6.

Best wishes

Mar 13 2016 03:44AM by Betty McLean

I have found it so interesting reading about your life on the website. My memories of your dad are precious. I always admired his dedication to the Lord. My young brother when seeing your dad enter our street--Beech Place--would comment, "here comes the God man". He truly was an inspiration. A true Christian. I treasure the memories.
Thank you James for sharing your memories.


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